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A new way ... comfortable and safe to make your music postproduction professionals.


We all kind of mixtures of any musical style, Mastering, Remastering, Audio restoration, Stem Mastering & Streaming Mastering.


Audio restoration work to recover video concerts, essays, speeches, etc ...


No matter how long We`ll work to find the sound you want it.We work to achieve the sound that musicians always dreamed ...


We`ll help you to have  a professional sound ...

mezcla y masterizacoón - audio - sonido - estudio de grabacion - música - edición de sonido - postproduccion de audio - bandas - disco - remasterización- Mastering - Mixes

mezcla y masterización - audio - sonido - estudio de grabacion - música - edición de sonido - postproduccion de audio - bandas - disco - remasterización- Mastering - Mixes



Mix is a much more complex process than only select from which speaker We want to hear a voice or a guitar.

In the mix each track separately (each guitar, microphone battery every, every voice, every keyboard, etc ...) to reduce unwanted noise or enhance frequencies that give more presence and a more natural sound to the instrument works . Equalize, compress, add reverb, effects or ensure that sound as professional as possible depending on the style music and the artist's  want is the fundamental process that should never be overlooked as it defines the sound of the song. After finishing this process is going to select the volumes of each instrument and pans.



It is the latter process that receives the mixture and its importance is vital in the sound quality of the final product. It consists in treating a song or several together to give all through equalization, compression, limiting, etc ... a sound environment and a general volume of all the work, so that once finishing the album all the tracks are heard couples and a generally sound identity. The choice of plugins is very important, for example for a more ¨British sound¨, or sound more ¨American¨. This process pretend to find the homogeneity to the final product, that finally can be interpreted as produce a master.

We are in the constant search for managers, producers, record labels and musicians who wish to join and work with us. For more info write to

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