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  Online Mixing & Mastering

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Today it is very easy to make music from your room and make it sound relatively well Based on personal opinion or that your friends. We live in the era of digital music, where you dont need a big investment to have a good equipped with a pair of monitors a decent audio interface and a good microphone. Not only that, we live in an age where knowledge is available to everyone. With just one click, you can access thousands of video tutorials online to understand the principles of recording, mixing and mastering professional audio. For these reasons, it is very easy to compose and make music online without any restrictions in terms of quality and quantity. So ... Why spend on a master and mix if I can do myself? In most cases, the efforts of a singer 0without years of training, it's a song with a relatively low volume compared to what's playing on the radio or on the contrary an audio over-saturated and lack of space in the mix due to the overuse of digital compression, ruining performance artist / respective musicians and causing lack of interest among consumers. The reason is this: understand the principles of mixing and mastering something that require years of YouTube you can not give, and that is called experience. Internet does not teach you to exercise your ear, this is achieved through many hours of practice and study. With a little investment, a person can turn your recording quality products not only in the creative level, but also the sound level. If an artist really wants to make a living as a musician / producer independent and make their creations in a product that generates profits, has to focus on a long-term vision. As in any business, profit must invest first. For this reason, it is extremely important that every independent musician has raised invest a portion of its budget in the mixing and mastering music. Nothing like investing in a master or a mixture well done, let your song sound unbelievable ... knowing you let your art in the hands of professionals who have the proper equipment and experience to make your song sound equally well in a Hi-Fi system and a cell phone ... is the best gift you can give yourself. Better yet, this song probably will open the door to more profits, whether working with other artists, such as producer or new fans. Remember that once your song is to the public, no turning back, and a song is going to last forever, and as music is going to be your main letter in a very competitive industry.Delegate responsibilities in us is the best for you because that is more time to you to concentrate on the creative plane. You must know that if mixtures and masterizas your music, you lose objectivity because you have the music in your head ... months and months of trial make when editing miss a lot of details that an outside professional hearing will namely highlight strengths or minimize common errors in recordings. So you know, simplify your life, do what you know and let us the postproduction engineers.

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